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Palomar Laser Equipment For Sale

At, you’ll find a complete selection of quality pre-owned cosmetic laser equipment at prices that are up to 60% off the new retail cost. We carry an extensive inventory from all the major cosmetic laser equipment manufacturers, including Alma, Syneron, CoolTouch, Candela, Cynosure and Palomar to name just a few. Used Palomar cosmetic laser equipment is among our best sellers because the Massachusetts-based company has been producing exceptional products for more than two decades.

With well over 100 worldwide patents and more than 5,000 cosmetic laser systems produced, Palomar Medical Technologies is a leader in the field and they have a system for just about any application. Among the models produced by Palomar are the Palomar StarLux, Palomar SlimLipo and Palomar Artisan. With several different platforms of cosmetic laser and IPL systems, there is a Palomar model for everything from laser hair removal to skin resurfacing to laser liposuction and more. If you are looking to save money on quality refurbished cosmetic lasers, check out the used Palomar cosmetic equipment for sale at

We know that you have a lot of choices for where to buy pre-owned cosmetic laser equipment, and that’s why we go the extra mile for you at We are confident that we have some of the lowest cosmetic laser prices anywhere, so we are happy to provide a no-obligation price quote on any Palomar cosmetic laser. We also stand behind what we sell with a full satisfaction guarantee. We are able to do that because we professionally inspect, recondition and test every piece of pre-owned cosmetic laser equipment we sell. We want you to be confident and satisfied with your purchase, so contact us right now if you need Palomar laser pricing information or if you have any questions about the products we sell.

Palomar Vectus

Light Sheer Duet

The Palomar Vectus Laser provides dependable, efficient hair removal that is perfect for high-volume practices. Cosmetic professionals looking for a high performing laser system can rely on the powerful technology provided by Vectus Laser system. With the Vectus Laser, you can quickly remove all hair types quickly and safely while enjoying low operating costs. The […]

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Palomar StarLux 500 Laser Machine For Sale

The Palomar StarLux 500 laser machine represents an advancement over the previous Palomar StarLux 300 system, and this versatile machine allows you to offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Despite the long list of procedures it is capable of performing, the Palomar StarLux 500 laser machine is remarkably compact, with the main system weighing […]

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Palomar StarLux 300 Laser Machine For Sale

There is not much that the Palomar StarLux 300 laser machine can’t do. This system offers a combination of laser and IPL technology along with a long list of compatible handpieces to perform an impressive list of cosmetic procedures, from hair removal to acne treatment to wrinkle reduction and much more.

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Palomar SlimLipo Laser Machine For Sale

The Palomar SlimLipo laser system features a combination of wavelengths at 924 nm and 975 nm that can be used independently or blended to achieve fast and effective laser lipo results. The Palomar SlimLipo laser machine has been cleared by the FDA for laser-assisted lipolysis and it has been widely acclaimed for its reduced downtime […]

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Palomar MediLux IPL Laser Machine For Sale

The Palomar MediLux IPL machine is a more advanced system than the Palomar EsteLux IPL machine, but it is also available at a very affordable price from This system uses Palomar’s acclaimed IPL flashlamp technology to produce exceptional results for hair removal, as well as the treatment of acne, leg veins, facial veins and […]

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Palomar SINON Laser Machine For Sale

The demand for tattoo removal services grows every year, and the Palomar SINON laser machine can help you meet that growing need. This Q-switched Ruby laser system features a 694 nm wavelength for the ability to remove virtually all tattoos, no matter the color or complexity. And most importantly, it can remove tattoos and pigmented […]

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Palomar EsteLux Laser Machine For Sale

If you need an affordable laser hair removal machine, then you need to give strong consideration to the Palomar EsteLux system. This IPL model is one of the most affordable machines on the market, yet it can produce results that rival those from machines costing many times more. While this machine is primarily designed for […]

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