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Tattoo Removal Business Guide for Entrepreneurs

The Growing Popularity of Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal industry is a popular cosmetic field that has grown significantly in recent years. Tattoos have experienced a strong resurgence in the last 10-15 years, mainly among young adults who now have artwork they no longer like or tattoos that are holding them back professionally.

Laser tattoo removal services are now more in demand than ever, as both men and women of all ages look to clean up their image by removing tattoos, or by having previous artwork faded to allow for a covering design. With the potential for high profits, low cost of operation and affordable ways to enter the market, this is the perfect time to start making your mark in laser tattoo removal services.

Did You Know That 45 Million Americans Have Tattoos?

Tattoos have become a big part of pop culture and fashion, as everyone from young college students to older professionals and retirees will sport at least one tattoo during their lives. Found in all demographics and all walks of life, tattoos have definitely had a big impact on our society.

As individuals get older and as lives and tastes change, many start to experience the unfortunate feeling of “tattoo regret”. Tattoo regret includes feelings of embarrassment at always having to hide an unfortunate tattoo, or wanting to get rid of a bad memory that a tattoo brings. These feelings lead many to seek out laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is often motivated by a change in lifestyle, changes in attitudes or beliefs, or any other personal reason. In some cases, patients simply want to use that part of the body for a different design and want to remove the current artwork. No matter what the reason, all patients want a tattoo removal process that is safe and effective. Laser tattoo removal is the only known way to truly get rid of tattoos without scarring or burning the skin, making it increasingly popular with a growing number of young people who are now entering the marketplace. Many patients have a similar profile, making it easy to determine your target customer.

Who is The Typical Tattoo Removal Patient?

  • Female
  • Around 29 years old
  • Has a black ink tattoo that’s easy to remove
  • Likely already takes advantage of cosmetic procedures
  • Successful and career driven
  • Very image conscious
  • Has poor artwork from an inexperienced artist
  • The design has stretched or faded over time
  • Tired of hiding tattoos from kids and family members
  • No longer has the same religious or political beliefs
  • Has simply outgrown the artwork

Experience the Incredible Profit Potential for Yourself!

When it comes to tattoo removal, typical laser tattoo removal patients are very motivated to get rid of a now-regrettable design and are willing to pay more for quality service. In most markets, it costs around $200.00 (USD) per tattoo removal appointment. Each appointment lasts 15 minutes on average. In the end, laser tattoo practitioners can earn up to $850 per hour for their services.

Depending on the size and colors, most tattoos require 2-10 treatments for complete removal. On average, patients pay from $1000-$2000 to get rid of an unpleasant memory or a poor design, or to just start fresh with a new design.

Easy to Implement Business Model with Low Operating Costs

It doesn’t take much in terms of physical space and equipment to open your own tattoo removal practice. Just a waiting room, patient exam room, office and a high quality cosmetic laser are all you need. Tattoo removal lasers are typically compact and require very little storage and operating space. With a very low cost of consumables for bandages and antibiotic ointment, and very little maintenance required for the laser system, it’s easy to get into the profitable and growing business of tattoo removal.

Are Laser Tattoo Removal Businesses Allowed in My State?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each state has their own regulations regarding medical laser operation. Please refer to the laws of the medical board in your state to ensure all requirements are met for your tattoo removal practice.

Laser Tattoo Business Regulations by State

A growing number of individuals, many with no experience in the medical industry, have opened successful laser tattoo removal businesses in the US. While individual state regulations vary, laser tattoo removal is now permitted in over 45 states in the United States. Most states do very little to regulate the industry, while a handful do require some medical training, or have rules that make it easier for those with advanced medical degrees to open a business. It’s up to each state to determine their own regulations regarding the industry, with the final ruling made by the state’s medical or licensing board.

In general, there are some common rules and restrictions regarding laser tattoo businesses that you’ll find in the majority of states:

  • Most states do not require laser tattoo operators, clinic owners or assistants to have medical credentials
  • You must be using an FDA-approved laser device that is specified for tattoo removal
  • The location must include a fully certified laser operator with 16+ hours of hands-on training and safety training
  • The practice must have an off-site (or in some states, onsite) Physician Medical Director who is affiliated with the practice

Sunray can help you achieve these basic requirements by providing you with the laser, training and support you need to get your laser tattoo removal business off the ground. We’ve helped entrepreneurs all over the US launch their own tattoo removal operations, offering our knowledge and expertise in the cosmetic laser industry to hundreds of individuals who are interested in sharing in the profits that are possible in this growing industry. Let Sunray’s expert team match you with the perfect FDA-approved laser.

Getting Started with Sunray

Sunray makes it easy to start your own tattoo removal business, providing all the training, guidance and support you need from our in-house clinical training staff. Take advantage of our cutting edge training program, a complimentary offering with purchase of a Quanta laser. Our highly trained experts will teach you how to operate and maintain your laser system, and how to safely perform tattoo removal procedures on patients. You’ll receive customized information and training from one of our expert trainers at your location, and the ongoing support you need to get into the growing field of tattoo removal.

Why Choose Sunray for Tattoo Removal?

When you purchase your aesthetic laser from Sunray, you’ll get the benefit of the intensive training and ongoing support services you need to get your laser removal business off the ground. Our trainers have extensive experience in the aesthetic laser industry, and know what it takes to help new providers break into the field of tattoo removal and establish themselves as leaders in this exciting growth-oriented industry.

About Sunray

Sunray Laser Equipment is your source for new and refurbished aesthetic laser systems. We offer a large selection of makes and models from Palomar, Candela, Lumenis, Fraxel, Quanta and other top selling aesthetic laser brands. Take advantage of Sunray’s incredible prices on new and refurbished laser systems and our outstanding cosmetic laser training and industry experience. Contact us today for a free price quote.

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