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Aesthetic Laser Rentals

Aesthetic Equipment for Med Spas & Private Practices

Why Rent or Rent-to-Own?

Test Before You Commit

  • Rent our tattoo and hair removal laser systems for a year before making a purchase decision.
  • This allows you to assess the equipment’s fit for your business and clientele over a twelve-month period, ensuring it aligns with your financial goals.

No Large Upfront Costs

  • At Sunray Laser, you only need to cover the first month’s rent and a required training fee.
  • Leasing or purchasing typically requires 25%-100% of the purchase price upfront. Renting conserves your capital, enabling reinvestment into critical areas like sales and marketing.

Avoid Expensive Maintenance and Repairs

  • Sunray Laser covers all maintenance and repair costs, provided the damage isn’t due to negligence or avoidable mishaps (e.g., dropping the machine).
  • We also offer yearly preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in excellent condition, saving you 5,000 – 10,000 annually.

No Back-End Termination Fees

  • After your initial 12-month lease, you can terminate your contract anytime without hidden fees. Simply return the equipment in its original packaging via FedEx.

Purchase Option Anytime After the First Year

  • Our rental credit program allows you to purchase the equipment anytime after the initial rental period, with 51% of your rental payments applied to the purchase price.
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Trusted Brands

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Sunray Laser Equipment carries new and used systems from around the world.

Palomar Candela Alma Syneron Cynosure Lumenis Fraxel Laser Quanta System