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Palomar Vectus

Light Sheer Duet

The Palomar Vectus Laser provides dependable, efficient hair removal that is perfect for high-volume practices. Cosmetic professionals looking for a high performing laser system can rely on the powerful technology provided by Vectus Laser system. With the Vectus Laser, you can quickly remove all hair types quickly and safely while enjoying low operating costs.

The Vectus Laser is the ideal solution for hair removal professionals who are looking for a laser system that is designed to treat many clients throughout the day without sacrificing comfort, safety or performance. The Vectus was designed with innovative sapphire treatment tips as part of the laser’s Advanced Contact Cooling System, helping to protect the skin and reduce pain. Offering the largest active spot size and powerful, concentrated heat technology, the Vectus can remove hair from even the largest areas, including the back and legs, without losing quality.

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For those that want to increase their patient load or who are already becoming overwhelmed with cosmetic hair removal demand, the Vectus Laser machine is a highly dependable option. Not only is the Vectus system reliable, but it also features the only FDA-cleared melanin reader that makes it easy to provide a completely customized hair removal experience. With the Skintel Melanin Reader, you can develop a customized treatment that addresses major skin issues based on the customer’s diet, daily lifestyle habits, skin type and even ethnicity. It’s the ultimate way to provide the best possible skin treatment.

Palomar Vectus Laser Machine Applications:

  • Small & large area laser hair removal
  • Treatment of sun damaged skin
  • Clearing of uneven skin tone
  • Removal of spider veins

Palomar Vectus Laser Machines Features:

  • High peak power with short pulse capability
  • Uniform beam reduces need for overlap without creating hot spots
  • Functional wavelength of 800 nm provides optimum performance
  • Gentle pulsing action delivers heat directly into the hair follicle
  • Highly effective hair removal reduces the number of visits required
  • Incredibly effective on even the finest hair
  • A pain free, safe option for complete hair removal

The Vectus Laser system offers complete hair removal, even on tough areas like the back and chest, thanks to it’s highly functional design and intelligent features. The Vectus is a pain free option that utilizes a gentle pulsating motion that ensures energy gets deep into the stem cells inside each individual follicle. You can provide a more complete hair removal experience that combines powerful laser energy with highly effective cooling technology. It’s the comfortable, intelligent option for your large-scale cosmetic practice.

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