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Syneron Laser Equipment For Sale

Syneron sets itself apart from other cosmetic laser equipment manufacturers with its exclusive elos technology, which combines the best of traditional laser technology and the best of intense pulse light (IPL) technology. The result is a line of cosmetic equipment that offers a wide range of wavelengths and applications with exceptional patient safety and comfort. Syneron’s models also include their Active Dermal Monitoring technology, which provides real-time temperature readings for an added level of safety. If you are in the market for a quality pre-owned Syneron cosmetic laser system, has the lowest prices and the best customer service.

Syneron is a true leader in the cosmetic laser equipment industry. With offices around the world and its stock traded on the NASDAQ, Syneron has grabbed a large share of the market in just a decade of existence. The company offers a line of six platforms – the Syneron eLight, Syneron eLaser, Syneron eMax, Syneron VelaShape II, Syneron LipoLite and Syneron eMatrix. If you have checked the prices of new Syneron cosmetic laser machines, then you know that it represents a sizable investment. At, we can help you cut up to 60% or more off the cost of Syneron cosmetic laser equipment. We sell used Syneron cosmetic lasers at great prices, and we back up everything we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At, we realize that you will find Syneron cosmetic lasers for sale from a variety of different outlets. But before you buy a Syneron laser system, make sure you ask if they offer a satisfaction guarantee like Ask if they are willing to provide a no-obligation price quote on Syneron equipment like When you add it all up, we think that you’ll find the best deal on pre-owned cosmetic laser equipment at Contact us today if we can answer any questions to help you compare Syneron models or if you need pricing information on any of the cosmetic laser equipment in our inventory.

Syneron LipoLite Laser Machine For Sale

Liposuction procedures have advanced to the point that they are no longer intense, invasive procedures thanks to the cutting-edge laser technology in equipment such as the LipoLite Laser System from Syneron. Using carefully designed laser technology, Syneron has been able to develop a system that delivers effective results with only a minimal risk of side […]

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Syneron eMatrix Laser Machine For Sale

Syneron’s eMatrix system draws on aspects of the company’s industry-leading Electro-optical Synergy technology to create a powerhouse in the field of sublative skin rejuvenation. eMatrix is less harsh than laser therapy, yet has proven more effective than competing methods of fractional skin resurfacing. Rather than light, Syneron’s eMatrix relies upon fractionated bipolar radio frequency. Radio […]

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Syneron VelaSmooth Laser Machine For Sale

Syneron’s VelaSmooth was the first Class II medical device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for cellulite reduction. The VelaSmooth remains an international leader among non-invasive medical solutions for the elimination of cellulite. Studies show that as much as 80 percent of women over 20 have cellulite; VelaSmooth broke ground with its ability […]

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Syneron Aurora Laser Machine For Sale

Syneron Medical is among the most respected brands of aesthetic medical devices, and the Syneron Aurora is one of the company’s most significant contributions to intense pulsed light technology, or IPL. Aurora is an enhanced IPL device. Powered by ELOS, Syneron’s proprietary electro-optical synergy technology, the versatile Aurora delivers both IPL and bi-polar radio frequency.

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Syneron Comet Laser Machine System For Sale

Syneron Comet – Front

If you are looking for a laser hair removal system for your business, a professional refurbished machine may provide you with a good investment. One of the most effective and affordable hair removal machines is the Syneron Comet Laser System. Owning a Syneron Comet Laser System is an asset that offers many benefits. Not only […]

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Syneron VelaShape II Laser Machine For Sale

There have been many advancements over the years in the area of skin tightening and body contouring, and recently the Syneron VelaShape II laser machine has taken that to the next level. This system is the first to be cleared by the FDA for non-invasive circumferential reduction, and it is also cleared for cellulite reduction.

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Syneron eLaser Laser Machine For Sale

The Syneron eLaser laser machine is an extraordinarily versatile cosmetic laser system that can tackle a wide variety of procedures from hair removal to skin rejuvenation to leg and facial veins. Because of its advanced technology, this model can also treat minimally pigmented hair and skin colors that many other systems cannot.

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Syneron Velashape Laser Machine For Sale

The Syneron VelaShape system is one of the most versatile and affordable cosmetic machines on the market today, and you can buy a quality refurbished Syneron VelaShape machine from for the lowest cost. This machine provides a combination of RF, infrared light and vacuum technology to effectively target cellulite and reduce the circumference of […]

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Syneron eMax Laser Machine For Sale

syneron emax laser machine image

This Syneron eMax Laser system is in excellent condition as it has never been used – still in the box. While there may not be a cosmetic workstation that can perform every single cosmetic procedure being offered today, the Syneron eMax laser machine comes very close. Powered by Syneron’s elos technology that harnesses the power of […]

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