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Altair Laser Equipment For Sale

Altair Instruments is a company which has changed the face of the medical industry with their revolutionary medical devices. These devices include Class I, II and III products ranging from surgical equipment to cochlear implants.

Altair is perhaps most well-known for NewApeel, which brought the field of aesthetic medicine into the modern age. First introduced in 1999, it was the first system designed to exfoliate skin without the use of crystals. This crystal-free design benefits the patient, the doctor administering the treatment and even the environment. Also in 1999, Altair introduced body wands, allowing doctors to exfoliate not just the face but the entire body.

The innovation continued in 2001, with the introduction of the Diamondtome system. Only available for purchase by medical professionals, this unique system allows doctors to treat a wider variety of skin concerns all over the body.

Altair’s latest innovation came in 2010, with the introduction of HydroWand infusion systems. Intended for the application of skin serums, this device can be used with any of the Altair machines. There are multiple serums and multiple wand tips to choose from. With so much versatility, this one tool can help those in the field of aesthetic medicine to vastly expand the types of treatment they offer. Not only is this cost effective to the doctors, but the patients can expect better results.

Altair Instruments is headquartered in Ventura, CA and has been operating since 1983.

Altair NewApeel Aesthetic Exfoliation System for Sale

The NewApeel Aesthetic Exfoliation System from Altair Instruments offers completely safe, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments that deliver outstanding results.  Through NewApeel’s patented wand delivery system, powerful micro exfoliation gently removes the top layer of skin without harming or damaging the layers below.  The result is skin that is smoother, younger looking and more vibrant, without […]

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Altair Hydro Wand Kit for Sale

The Hydro Wand Kit from Altair Instruments is the perfect tool for applying skincare products after a skin resurfacing procedure.  The Hydro Wand is a multi-purpose tool that enhances common skin resurfacing procedures through the delivery of deeply moisturizing serums, lotions and vitamin-enriched products.  The perfect follow-up to professional skin exfoliation treatments, the easy to […]

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Altair DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System for Sale

The DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System offers medical grade, crystal free treatment to reduce the signs of aging.  The system delivers safe resurfacing through powerful, yet gentle exfoliation techniques that work to uncover healthy, younger looking skin.  Through the use of small diamond chips fused to the tip of the patented wand, the DiamondTome removes thick […]

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Altair Diamondtome DM5000A Laser Equipment For Sale

The Altair Diamondtome DM5000A is a medical grade skin resurfacing system that can help rejuvenate your skin without the use of crystals. Developed by Altair Instruments, the same company responsible for the NewApeel and HydroWand, this equipment was introduced in 2001 with great success in the medical field.Only available for purchase by medical professionals, this […]

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