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When it comes to some of the most exciting advances in dermatology and medical aesthetics, Envy Medical is always leading the way. Led by founder Ken Karasiuk, Envy Medical is giving new hope to patients with skin care issues. Specializing in non-invasive skin therapy, the company struck gold in 2002 by inventing Dermalinfusiom, a non-invasive skin therapy process using SilkPeel medical devices. Patients with severe acne, fine-line wrinkles, minor scaring on the face and photo-damage can once again have the self-confidence they have struggled with for so long by having these options available to them through Envy Medical.

The company is also an industry leader in the development of skin brightening products, including Lumixyl. Working with leading dermatological researchers from Stanford University, Envy was able to gain exclusive rights to a class of peptides that not only brighten the skin, but lack the side effects associated with prescription-level products meant for the same condition.

While the past and present have been great for Envy Medical, the future looks even brighter. Having laid a solid foundation for worldwide growth, the company is poised to take the dermatological treatment world by storm in the next decade. With its SilkPeel and Lumixyl products available in over 35 countries, Envy is the only company that has its professional skincare brand marketed in the world’s five biggest skincare markets, including North America, Europe, China, Japan and Brazil. Never a company to stand pat on its past accomplishments, Envy is the owner of 13 patents covering specialized skin care treatment. Used by both consumer and medical markets everywhere, Envy Medical is determined to be the best when it comes to skin care treatment. With continued research and strong leadership from the top, they can do nothing less than continue to lead the way in this field.

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When Envy Medical Silk Peel hit the market with its gentler, friendlier alternative to microdermabrasion, dermatologists took notice. Envy Medical Silk Peel can promote visibly healthier skin during a single session lasting 30 minutes or less. Silk Peel is non-abrasive; in fact, some patients find the treatment as soothing as it is effective. Downtime is […]

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