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Dermawave is famous for its “needle-free” Mesotherapy system, a powerful alternative to traditional treatments involving painful injections to reduce cellulite and adipose tissue in the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Dermawave relies upon its novel Aquaphoresis methodology, which delivers a variety of electrical waveforms to predictably, reliably stimulate the physiological processes that combat or prevent the formation of fatty tissue.

However, the company has also forged a name for its remarkably affordable line of Cubic and Precis LED photo rejuvenation systems, featuring photo optical sensing mechanisms that permit the device to adjust to individual faces and conditions automatically, through a dynamic feedback loop. Dermawave systems are robust, and via the onboard Smart Ports, highly scalable. Combined with Dermawave’s revolutionary LED heads, the Cubic and Precis systems have proven particularly effective as a means to treat acne and rosacea.

Expertly refurbished Dermawave equipment can generate superior returns on investment within a short time. has been offering quality, previously owned aesthetic medical lasers via the Internet for years, and has become a leading source for genuine Dermawave units of all types.

It costs very little to own a Dermawave device. Low-hour, reconditioned systems can be phenomenal values, especially after thorough treatment by a trained SunrayLaser technician, who meticulously inspects each device and restores it to perfect operating order. For just a fraction of the original retail price for the equipment, your practice can add new services to meet the burgeoning demand for dermal photo rejuvenation.

With superior service and clean, calibrated equipment, SunrayLaser has developed a nationwide customer base. Our customers range from medical spas to medical groups, solo practitioners and hospitals. Virtually any practice can gain new clientele or patients by making a nominal investment in Dermawave photo rejuvenation technology.

If you are considering a Dermawave system, please request our competitive price quote from SunrayLaser. You need only enter your contacts in the brief form below. One of Sunray’s capable aesthetic laser representatives will be in touch quickly to discuss the advantages of Dermawave.

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DermaWave Mesotherapy Laser Machine

The DermaWave eliminates cellulite without the pain of traditional treatments. This system provides a different take on mesotherapy. Regular mesotherapy machines use needles that jab and leave you sore. A combination of lasers, massage, and gel melts away the fat cells that cause cellulite.

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