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Sciton ClearHair

Sciton ClearHair is the premier technology for hair and vascular lesion removal, setting the gold standard for all skin types. It excels in removing unwanted pigmentation and hair, even from tanned skin, with unparalleled ease. Capable of covering large areas up to four times faster than other systems, Sciton ClearHair is one of the most efficient and effective hair removal systems available today.

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Sciton Forever Bare BBL

Ditch the hassle of shaving, tweezing, and waxing with the Sciton Forever Bare BBL. This innovative system is specifically designed to be safe and effective for all skin types, effortlessly treating every part of the body. Achieve soft, silky, and smooth skin with the Sciton Forever Bare BBL.  

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Sciton ClearScan ALX

The Sciton ClearScan ALX sets the standard for safe and effective permanent hair removal. Designed to prioritize patient comfort and safety, this cutting-edge system treats all skin types with ease. Whether for small areas like the upper lip or larger areas like the back, the Sciton ClearScan ALX efficiently removes hair from any part of the body in record time. For quick and hassle-free hair removal, the Sciton ClearScan ALX is the ideal choice.

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