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Rohrer Aesthetics Laser Equipment For Sale

Rohrer Aesthetics is dedicated to developing affordable, high quality products designed to enhance patient’s lives and enrich your aesthetic practice. Designed for variety of services and specialties, the Rohrer Aesthetics company was established on a strong foundation of integrity and quality. Known for producing incredibly reliable products that deliver outstanding results, Rohrer Aesthetics systems deliver top-of-the-line results at an affordable price point.

The popular Spectrum and Phoenix laser systems are two examples of the company’s expertise in aesthetic technology, delivering incredible power within a feature-rich platform. The dynamic systems, developed with some of the most advanced laser technology in the industry, were designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetic services. Both options are easy to use and maintain and offer results that your patients will be pleased with.

At, we have Rohrer Aesthetics cosmetic equipment for sale at savings of up to 60% off the new retail cost. These cost savings don’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality or reliability when purchasing a Rohrer Aesthetics system, as we thoroughly recondition, inspect and test every system that we sell. At, we guarantee complete and total satisfaction on every order so that we can develop a long-term relationship with our customers. Not only can we help you buy the ideal cosmetic laser system for your aesthetic practice today, but we hope to develop a trusted relationship with you so that you’ll come back to us in the future as your first-stop for high quality laser systems.

It’s easy to get a free Rohrer Aesthetic cosmetic laser price quote at no obligation to you at Simply contact our helpful customer service team and let us know what model or models you are interested in. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have about our available Rohrer Aesthetic cosmetic lasers or any other system you may be interested in.

Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL System for Sale

The Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL system is a powerful multi-platform work station that delivers 4 lasers and and IPL in one convenient system. Designed for a variety of aesthetic purposes, including skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, vascular reduction, hair removal, acne treatment and the removal of pigmented lesions, the Spectrum is one of the most versatile systems […]

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