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Laserscope Solis IPL Laser Machine For Sale

The Solis IPL (intense pulsed light) device from Laserscope is a beautifully versatile piece of equipment. With a much larger spot than any other comparable device, the Solis can be much more easily used to treat wider areas of damaged skin, and results are more even and uniform than those of any other IPL. The Solis can also be used to treat more difficult areas, such as curved surfaces of the arms, legs, and chest, much more easily than devices with smaller light spots. This IPL is designed to be used by both established practices and brand new practitioners for an extremely wide range of treatment types, keeping your offices as versatile and efficient as possible.

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Laserscope has been manufacturing high quality skin-treatment equipment for nearly three decades. Established in 1984 in San Jose, California, Laserscope produces a wide variety of medical-grade laser equipment designed to treat a vast array of conditions. With medical lasers and energy delivery equipment crafted for the needs of urology, surgery, dermatology, and many other fields, Laserscope has shown a strong commitment to reliable medical equipment. The Solis IPL is one of Laserscope’s most widely-used pieces of equipment, and for good reason.

Laserscope Solis IPL Applications:

  • Hair reduction
  • Complete body rejuvenation
  • Reduction of freckles and sun spots
  • Photodamage repair
  • Improvements in skin texture

Laserscope Solis IPL Features:

  • 10.64 square centimeter spot area, roughly four times larger than any other IPL available
  • Cryogen spray cooling reduces discomfort and aids in treatment
  • More uniform results and fewer lines of demarcation
  • Ease of use is a top design priority

The Solis IPL is just one of many pieces of medical equipment carefully refurbished by SunrayLaser.Com. Because your patients are your top priority, we believe in delivering quality equipment at prices you can afford, and our refurbishment process is exacting in every detail. Contact us today to find out more about quality refurbished medical equipment like the Solis IPL from Laserscope, and to find out how we can help you equip your medical practice for less!


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