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Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel Laser Machine For Sale

The Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel is the first clinically effective Nd:Yag laser for treating a wide range of vascular conditions, including lesions, discrete vessels, high pressure vessels and deep veins. Cutera is a company based out of San Francisco that makes aesthetic lasers and light products for hair removal, non-skin removal, fractional skin resurfacing, and vascular issues. The company also has products and treatments available to get rid of skin redness, large and unsightly pores, and pigment issues, all with no scheduled downtime. Cutera works primarily with physicians who specialize in cosmetic solutions to these and other aesthetic issues.

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Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel Applications:

  • The CoolGlide excel safely and effectively treats a variety of vascular issues
  • Patented PowerFlex™ technology offers quick treatments with high efficacy
  • Fluence can be independently controlled
  • Independent control of pulse duration and repetition rates, allowing for specific tailoring of treatment parameters
  • “Clearview” hand-piece prevents vessel closure due to pressure from contact

Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel Features:

  • 1064 nm wavelength
  • Up to 300 J/per square centimeter fluence
  • 1 – 300 msec pulse width
  • Single shot to 2 Hz repetition rate
  • Adjustable size aiming beam
  • On-the-spot size adjustment – at 3, 5, and 7 millimeters helps facilitate optimal selection for improved safety and better results
  • Skin is protected and kept safe by copper end piece that cools on contact

The Cutera Medical Coolglide Excel is, according to dermatologist Suzanne Kilmer, M.D, “One of the best lasers for vascular treatments.” More specifically, the Excel is capable of treating everything from erythema and red vessels, to large blue or black vascular lesions. The Excel treats affected areas in the face, neck, and chest. The laser works just as effectively in the lower extremities, too, where it can improve or eliminate vascular disorders in the legs, ankles, and feet. As its name suggests, the CoolGlides cools and soothes your skin during the treatment process.

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