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Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro

Transform your business with Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro. This ultrafast and efficient system can perform full-body treatments in just one hour, enabling you to quickly and easily remove unwanted hair. Enhance your practice’s capabilities and provide exceptional results with Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro.

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90 Days Warranty

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Designed for optimal performance, Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro utilizes a powerful Diode laser to penetrate hair follicles and permanently disable hair growth. This cutting-edge technology is effective on all skin types, from I to IV. The integration of three dynamic wavelengths—755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm—provides practitioners with the broadest range of hair removal solutions, ensuring versatile and comprehensive treatments.

Patients experience pain-free sessions with the Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro. Featuring Sapphire Crystal contact cooling, the system protects the skin and keeps patients comfortable throughout the treatment. The controlled cooling tip enhances safety and ensures more efficient results by maintaining optimal treatment conditions.

Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro leads the industry with its advanced operating system, OLED display applicator, and intuitive user interface. Combining aesthetic appeal with professional functionality, CoolMax Pro is the next-generation laser hair removal system for your practice.


Wavelengths808 nm, 808nm ±2nm
Additional Specs
12 x 22 mm spot size
12 x 20 mm2 spot size
15 x 27 mm2 spot size
10 hz speed Peak power up to lOOOW

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Biolaser Aesthetics CoolMax Pro

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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