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Cosmetic Laser Repair and Service

Sunray Laser Equipment offers cutting edge cosmetic laser repair and maintenance services that are designed to save you time and money.  When used in a medical or aesthetic setting on a daily basis, both cosmetic and medical lasers take a beating from repetitive use.  You shouldn’t trust your laser repairs to just any company, however, as the team at Sunray Laser Equipment is comprised of highly trained professionals that are experts in the services that they provide.

Diagnose, Repair & Replace

When your cosmetic laser needs repairs, we’ll quickly diagnose the problem, make the necessary repairs, and replace parts that have been damaged or that have simply worn out from daily use in order to get you back up and running with minimal downtime.  The Sunray Laser Equipment repair team also has access to laser replacement parts from the top manufacturers that they service, so you’ll never be waiting too long for a part to arrive and be replaced.

Instead of waiting for a manufacturer representative to get back to you and having to pay a large amount of money for them to repair your unit, contact Sunray Laser Equipment the next time you need laser repairs.  We repair all of the top cosmetic lasers on the market efficiently and affordably.

Preventative Laser Maintenance & Repair Services

In order to keep your cosmetic laser up and running for years of use, manufacturers recommend performing routine preventive maintenance and repairs that include replacing crystals and diodes, checking the circuit boards and all electronic components, and replacing any tubing, O-rings and flash lamps that have worn out.  Taking advantage of our professional laser maintenance services that are designed to keep your system up and running through years of use is a smart way for laser technicians to get the most out of their investment.

Sunray Laser Equipment provides these and other professional laser repair services throughout the US, offering substantial savings for customers versus working directly with the manufacturer.  Our fast, cosmetic laser repair services include a 48-hour response time, and all repairs are completed by industry-certified laser technology repair experts.

Be Consistent With Your Maintenance Schedule

In many cases, the clients that take advantage of routine maintenance for their medical and cosmetic lasers can often avoid replacing them for much longer than those that only call when there’s a problem.  If you want to make sure your system is running as accurately and efficiently as possible, schedule a laser maintenance and repair visit with Sunray Laser today. Call us at 888-875-7001