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Sunray Laser Equipment is your source for new and refurbished aesthetic laser systems. We have access to many makes and models including, Palomar, Candela, Alma, Cynosure, Lumenis, Fraxel, Syneron and Quanta to name a few. Whether you are looking for an entire system or a used handpiece we can facilitate your needs. Cosmetic laser training and technical capabilities set us apart. Contact us today for a free price quote on any Cosmetic Laser Equipment.

Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL System for Sale

Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser-IPL system

The Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Laser/IPL system is a powerful multi-platform work station that delivers 4 lasers and and IPL in one convenient system. Designed for a variety of aesthetic purposes, including skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, vascular reduction, hair removal, acne treatment and the removal of pigmented lesions, the Spectrum is one of the most versatile systems […]

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Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System for Sale

Rohrer Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System

The Rohrer Aesthetics Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System is a powerful, multi-purpose system that delivers a wide variety of dermatological and plastic surgery procedures. Highly portable and featuring an attractive price point, the Phoenix-15 CO2 is the ideal swift-scan system for any cosmetic practice. It’s a great solution for physicians with more than one office location, and […]

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Saratoga Technologies DEP System For Sale

saratogatechnologies DEP system

The Saratoga Technologies DEP (DermoElectroPoration) System is a powerful, non invasive drug-delivery system that delivers ionic drug solutions into the body via a standalone transdermal delivery handpiece. Utilizing a completely safe transdermal delivery system, the DEP is fast, easy to use and incredibly accurate.

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Saratoga Technologies Ultrapeel Pepita System For Sale

saratogatechnologies ultrapeel

The Saratoga Technologies Ultrapeel Pepita System is a powerful skin resurfacing system that delivers a wide range of aesthetic and para medical procedures. An innovative non-invasive tool, the system uses a controlled flow of inert sterile micro crystals that are vacuumed across the skin to remove dead and damaged skin cells.

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Saratoga Technologies Dualmax Laser System For Sale

saratoga technologies dualmax

The Saratoga Technologies Dualmax laser system is an intense pulsed light system that delivers 80,000 to 100,000 pulses at an affordable cost per pulse. With unique water cooled handpieces that go down to -4C, the Dualmax offers maximum comfort for the client and optimum effectiveness.

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Saratoga Technologies NaturalLaseQS Laser System For Sale

saratoga technologies naturalase QS

The versatile Saratoga Technologies NaturalLaseQS laser system is a reliable and powerful laser that is suitable for a variety of treatments. Especially created for tattoo removal, the NaturalLaseQS safely and effectively removes the most popular tattoo ink colors with fewer complications in just 4-8 treatments. The system is also a powerful treatment option for skin rejuvenation, removal of pigmented […]

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Saratoga Technologies Bella Donna CO2 Fractional Laser System For Sale

saratoga technologies bella donna

The Saratoga Technologies Bella Donna CO2 Fractional laser system utilizes a CO2 tube along with a fine laser beam to minimize skin damage and improve overall treatment effects. Featuring adjustable scan-size and beam density, the Bella Donna reduces treatment times and improves the recovery and rejuvenation period. The system delivers a variety of treatments, wrinkle and […]

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Aspen Summit Series Laser System For Sale

Aspen Summit Laser System

The Aspen Summit Series laser system is a highly versatile and portable system that provides the power needed to perform a variety of therapeutic and surgical laser procedures. With a maximum adjustable power output of up to 18 watts, the Aspen Summit Series laser is the ideal choice for many different types of medical practices. 

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Aspen Pinnacle Series Laser System for Sale

Aspen Pinnacle System

The Aspen Pinnacle Series laser system offers the versatility and power needed to perform both therapeutic and surgical laser procedures. With a wattage of 1 to 60 watts of output, the Aspen Pinnacle Series makes it easy to perform just about any health condition with highly effective results and impressive speed.

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Aspen Pinnacle Pro Laser System for Sale

Aspen PinnaclePro Series

The Aspen Pinnacle Pro laser system, the flagship system in the Aspen line, was designed for maximum versatility and power. Available as a 30 watt, 45 watt or 60 watt system, the Pinnacle Pro was designed to treat a variety of health conditions and can perform both therapeutic and surgical procedures.

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Fotona SP Dynamis Laser System for Sale


The Fotona SP Dynamis Laser system is a powerful, feature-rich cosmetic laser system that combines powerful erbium laser technology with superior system design.  The SP Dynamis utilizes state of the art scanners and multiple fractal options to deliver impressive results with the most popular cosmetic procedures.  It’s safe for use on all skin types and offers […]

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Chromogenex iLipo Laser System for Sale

The  Chromogenex iLipo laser system utilizes low level laser technology (LLLT) to shrink fat cells and smooth out rough areas of the skin. With iLipo’s safe and effective technology, patients can enjoy fast, painless body contouring results with no downtime, making it easy to help patients achieve the body they have always wanted. Through the […]

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BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Laser System for Sale

The BTL Vanquish laser system is a non-invasive, non-contact Selective RF Technology system that is perfect for larger areas, including the abdomen. Delivering targeted skin tightening and fat reduction without even touching the skin, the Vanquish is one of the safest, most effective ways to get smoother, younger looking skin without plastic surgery. Unlike other […]

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Alma Sinon Laser System For Sale


The Alma Sinon laser system is a highly powerful Advanced Q-switched Ruby Laser with Long Pulsed Mode.  Designed for professional aesthetic cosmetic procedures, the Sinon delivers safe, gentle removal of all types of tattoos and skin lesions through fast, effective treatments. Offering the shortest rate of pulses of all dermatological ruby lasers, the Sinon delivers […]

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Lumenis One Laser System for Sale

lumenis one

The Lumenis One laser system is a highly advanced, innovative tool that can help your cosmetic practice expand.   As one of the most versatile laser systems on the market, the Lumenis One can be used to perform a variety of cosmetic treatments quickly and safely in a clinical setting.  Offering the flexibility needed to perform […]

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Cynosure SmoothShapes Laser Systems for Sale


The Cynosure SmoothShapes laser system is the ultimate cellulite and body shaping solution for your cosmetic practice.  The SmoothShapes system utilizes its own Photomology® technology to deliver an effective combination of vacuum and massage through the use of both light and laser energy. By using highly targeted and consistent tissue temperature elevation, the SmoothShapes system […]

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BTL Exilis Elite Laser System for Sale

The Exilis Elite laser system from BTL Aesthetics is one of the leading non-invasive cosmetic laser systems designed for advanced anti-aging results.  The Exilis Elite delivers impressive anti-aging results and is easy to use and operate.  A strong value for any cosmetic practice, the Exilis Elite is a leader in aesthetic laser technology. The Exilis […]

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Cynosure Revlite Laser System For Sale

Cynosure Revlite

The Cynosure Revlite is a multi-wavelength laser system that utilizes the latest generation of Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers.  Ideal for removing the full spectrum of colors in tattoos and perfect for a variety of aesthetic cosmetic procedures, the Revlite is a proven solution for tattoo and scar removal, skin resurfacing wrinkle reduction and more. The Revlite’s […]

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Cynosure PicoSure Laser System for Sale

Cynosure PicoSure

The Cynosure PicoSure Laser System offers a new level of innovation in laser technology. As the first picosecond laser designed for multiple aesthetic applications, the PicoSure is the only aesthetic laser that can magnify pressure up to 70% and widths up to 550pps. The PicoSure utilizes super short pulses that go beyond typical photo thermal […]

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Altair NewApeel Aesthetic Exfoliation System for Sale


The NewApeel Aesthetic Exfoliation System from Altair Instruments offers completely safe, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments that deliver outstanding results.  Through NewApeel’s patented wand delivery system, powerful micro exfoliation gently removes the top layer of skin without harming or damaging the layers below.  The result is skin that is smoother, younger looking and more vibrant, without […]

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Altair Hydro Wand Kit for Sale


The Hydro Wand Kit from Altair Instruments is the perfect tool for applying skincare products after a skin resurfacing procedure.  The Hydro Wand is a multi-purpose tool that enhances common skin resurfacing procedures through the delivery of deeply moisturizing serums, lotions and vitamin-enriched products.  The perfect follow-up to professional skin exfoliation treatments, the easy to […]

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Altair DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System for Sale


The DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System offers medical grade, crystal free treatment to reduce the signs of aging.  The system delivers safe resurfacing through powerful, yet gentle exfoliation techniques that work to uncover healthy, younger looking skin.  Through the use of small diamond chips fused to the tip of the patented wand, the DiamondTome removes thick […]

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Pollogen TriPollar Laser Machine for Sale


The Tripollar laser from Pollogen is a 3rd generation Radio Frequency (RF) laser that is easy to use and very efficient for a busy cosmetic practice. Tripollar treatments results in immediately visible improvements to skin on the body and facial contouring. The results are long lasting, and there’s no surgery or downtime required. Unlike other […]

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Ulthera Laser Machine for Sale


The Ulthera laser machine offers painless fat reduction therapy that is completely non-invasive and safe. The Ulthera has a 650 nm soft laser that is designed to get down deep into fat cells, breaking their membrane and breaking down the fat inside, which is then naturally eliminated by the body. The process also stimulates collagen […]

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Venus Freeze Laser Machine for Sale

Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze, a powerful yet non-invasive body contouring laser machine, combines a state of the art radio frequency (RF) technology with pulsed magnetic fields for more effective treatments. This combination of warming and cooling produces highly visible results in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction and other anti aging results. The technology utilized by […]

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Viora Reaction Ultrasound Machine for Sale

Viora Reaction

The Viora Reaction laser is the market leader in dramatic cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatments in the US. The Viora Reaction offers three different treatment applicators in one machine, allowing aesthetic practitioners to perform skin tightening treatments on the hips, abdomen face, back and thighs. This all-in-one machine makes it easy to start offering […]

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Zerona by Erchonia Laser Machine for Sale


The Zerona medical laser machine provides highly effective body sculpting to remove fat and gently contour the body without the need for invasive surgery or other cosmetic treatments. By utilizing the powerful Erchonia Laser Scanner, the Zerona emulsifies fatty tissues which are then released into the body. Through this perfectly harmless process, the remaining fat […]

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UltraShape Laser Machine for Sale


The UltraShape laser machine is a popular option for highly effective body contouring in all of the major trouble spots, including the stomach, thighs and sides. This powerful yet safe method of fat reduction and body sculpting makes the UltraShape a highly popular choice for cosmetic professionals. The UltraShape destroys fat cells by letting out […]

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Thermigen RF Laser Machine for Sale

Thermigen RF

The Thermigen RF laser machine is a market-leader in delivering powerful, yet safe skin treatments with noticeable results. The Thermigen utilizes 2 specialized radio frequency handsets, including one for swing frequency body treatments and another for high impact body treatments. Offering a safe, painless way to get rid of cellulite, reduce overall size, get rid […]

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Zeltiq CoolSculption Laser Machine for Sale

Zeftiq Coolsculption

The CoolSculpting laser machine by Zeltiq utilizes cold energy to quickly and permanently get rid of fat cells in the body. Ideal for use with individuals who are within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight, the CoolSculpting process is perfect for a growing cosmetic practice that wants to attract new clientele. The CoolSculption system […]

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Cutera Excel HR Laser Machine for Sale

Cutera Excel HR

Cutera presents the Excel HR laser machine, the new gold standard in safe and effective aesthetic lasers. The Cutera Excel HR offers the powerful combination of a high powered 755 nm Alexandrite technology with the highly versatile 1064 Nd:YAG laser and amazing cooling technology. The result is the most comfortable tool for effective laser hair […]

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Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser Machine for Sale

Cynosure Palomar Icon

The Icon laser machine from Cynosure Palomar offers a highly advanced aesthetic laser experience, with an incredibly high peak power rate for maximum effectiveness and an industry-leading cooling system built right in for patient comfort. The Icon laser system makes it possible to add the most popular skin treatments to any practice. From the growing […]

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Cutera Enlighten Laser Machine for Sale

Cutera Enlighten

The Cutera Enlighten is the only laser platform to include dual wavelength and picosecond and nanosecond pulse durations for the most effective clearing of the most tattoo colors and pigments. Cutera Enlighten Applications: Tattoo removal Pigmented lesions

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Ellman Tri-Lase Laser Machine for Sale

Ellman Tri-Lase

The Ellman Tri-Laser machine offers a professional solution for highly effective, yet safe tattoo removal that produces maximum results in just a few treatments. Unlike older methods of tattoo removal, the Ellman Tri-Laser utilizes advanced technology that is designed to deliver maximum power while reducing harm to the surrounding areas of tissue. The system was […]

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Focus Medical NaturaLase Laser Machine for Sale


The Focus Medical Naturalase laser machine features the highest energy Q-switched system in the world, offering completely safe, highly effective tattoo removal with less complications. Made in the US by the experts at Focus Medical, the Naturalase laser machine is a highly versatile option for practices that want to offer a variety of treatments. Perfect […]

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Lutronic Spectra Laser Machine for Sale

SPECTRA Ultrasound

The Lutronic Spectra laser machine is a highly functional system that is perfect for a variety of treatments in any busy cosmetic clinic setting. Offering a large variety of treatment options and customizable features, the Spectra is an affordable option for cosmetic professionals who want the ideal combination of power and efficiency. The Spectra features […]

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Fotona QX MAXX Laser Machine for Sale


The Fotona QX MAXX laser machine offers the most advanced laser technology available, with maximum performance for removing a large range of tattoo inks, pigmented lesions and a wide variety of aesthetic services. The QX MAXX laser machine’s unique single-pulse laser technology has proven itself more effective at complete tattoo removal then many of the […]

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Astanza Trinity Laser Machine for Sale

Astanza Trinity

The Astanza Trinity laser machine combines two powerful lasers – the Duality and the Eternity, for the most effective tattoo removal treatment for cosmetic professionals. Offering the choice of three powerful wavelengths and the most efficient level of energy production, the Astanza Trinity offers the strongest beam and the most innovative design for industry-leading tattoo […]

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Astanza Duality Laser Machine for Sale

Astanza Duality Angle

The Astanza Duality laser machine is a powerful system that utilizes the latest in cosmetic laser technology to completely erase tattoos, vascular lesions and pigmented lesions.  Offering a high repetition rate which releases pulses faster than other laser tattoo removal systems, the Duality laser from Astanza allows for faster treatment over larger areas and less […]

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Asclepion MedioStar Next Laser Machine For Sale

Asceplion Mediostar Next

The MedioStar Next Laser System from Asclepion is a versatile option for cosmetic professionals who are looking for a high quality laser system for their diversified practice. Suitable for skin types I-VI and built to perform with unbeatable speed, comfort and an adjustable treatment area, the MedioStar is a smart choice for painless and safe […]

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Palomar Vectus

Light Sheer Duet

The Palomar Vectus Laser provides dependable, efficient hair removal that is perfect for high-volume practices. Cosmetic professionals looking for a high performing laser system can rely on the powerful technology provided by Vectus Laser system. With the Vectus Laser, you can quickly remove all hair types quickly and safely while enjoying low operating costs. The […]

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Alma Soprano ICE

Alma Soprano Ice

The Alma Soprano ICE laser hair removal system offers virtually painless hair removal with the smoothest results and one of the most comfortable applicators on the market. Thanks to Alma’s patented SHR technology, the Soprano ICE hair removal laser utilizes top of the line cooling technology to keep skin cool and comfortable during treatment. The […]

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Lumenis LightSheer ET & XC Laser Machine for Sale

Lumenis LightSheer ET & XC

  The Lumenis LightSheer provides state-of-the-art technology and smart functionality for completely permanent and safe hair removal and skin treatments.  Highly effective for all skin types, the LightSheer line of lasers are consistently top-performers in cosmetic skin treatments. With clinically proven results and thousands of machines in circulation, LightSheer lasers are a top choice for […]

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Candela Quadralase Fraxel C02 Laser Machine For Sale

Candela Quadralase Frax C02 - Front

Cosmetic procedures that are marching forward with the advanced abilities of laser technology make it possible to enjoy fast and effective results with the Quadralase CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing system. This comprehensive device aimed at raising the potential of cosmetic procedures comes from the designers at Candela and Syneron. The science working behind the equipment […]

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Zimmer Cryo 5 Laser Machine For Sale

Zimmer Cryo 5 - Front

Procedures designed around the latest equipment and scientific advances that are revolutionizing liposuction procedures are responsible for bringing us cutting-edge equipment such as the Zimmer Cryo 5. This laser-based operating system designed by Zimmer Medizin is expanding the potential benefits available to patients who have concluded that this procedure is right for helping them achieve […]

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Cynosure Smartskin Laser Machine For Sale

Cynosure SmartSkin - Front

The SmartSkin Laser Renewal System is the latest technology to advance the science behind healing skin that is aged or has been damaged by the sun’s rays. Developed by Palomar, this new technology in treating skin that has been effected by the advancing of time is revolutionizing practices across the country. Palomar/Cynosure has built their […]

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Cynosure Apogee Elite ELNL Laser Machine For Sale

Cynosure Apogee Elite - Front of laser machine Image

The laser technology that is available through the Cynosure Apogee Elite ELNL is revolutionizing the way both doctors and patients approach healing and skin rejuvenation. Through applying cutting-edge advances in laser capabilities and a direct concern for patients and doctors, Cynosure is able to consistently deliver products that produce outstanding results for each and every […]

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Laserscope Solis IPL Laser Machine For Sale

Laserscope Solis IPL - Front

The Solis IPL (intense pulsed light) device from Laserscope is a beautifully versatile piece of equipment. With a much larger spot than any other comparable device, the Solis can be much more easily used to treat wider areas of damaged skin, and results are more even and uniform than those of any other IPL. The […]

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Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel Laser Machine For Sale

Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel - Front

The Cutera Medical CoolGlide Excel is the first clinically effective Nd:Yag laser for treating a wide range of vascular conditions, including lesions, discrete vessels, high pressure vessels and deep veins. Cutera is a company based out of San Francisco that makes aesthetic lasers and light products for hair removal, non-skin removal, fractional skin resurfacing, and […]

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Cynosure Affirm Laser Machine For Sale

Cynosure Affirm - Front

With the release of the Affirm Skin-Tightening Laser, patients have never had such advanced options for rejuvenation and healing. Developed by Cynosure, this sophisticated equipment delivers options through cutting-edge technology that is developed with confidence and experience. Cynosure is a leader in the industry thanks to their commitment to excellence when it comes to the […]

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Altair Diamondtome DM5000A Laser Equipment For Sale

Altair Diamondtome DM5000A - Front

The Altair Diamondtome DM5000A is a medical grade skin resurfacing system that can help rejuvenate your skin without the use of crystals. Developed by Altair Instruments, the same company responsible for the NewApeel and HydroWand, this equipment was introduced in 2001 with great success in the medical field.Only available for purchase by medical professionals, this […]

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Syneron LipoLite Laser Machine For Sale

Syneron Lipolite - Front

Liposuction procedures have advanced to the point that they are no longer intense, invasive procedures thanks to the cutting-edge laser technology in equipment such as the LipoLite Laser System from Syneron. Using carefully designed laser technology, Syneron has been able to develop a system that delivers effective results with only a minimal risk of side […]

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Candela Alex Trivantage Laser Machine For Sale

Candeal Alex Trivantage - Front

This refurbished Candela Alex Trivantage machine is a high-performance pigment removal system. Its powerful removal capabilities work on a wide variety of skin types and can relieve many disfiguring skin conditions. In addition, the Alex Trivantage does not cause unwanted changes in skin tone or pigment due to its closely tailored Long-Pulse 755nm wavelength. It […]

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Chromogenex I-Lipo Laser Machine For Sale

Chromogenex Ilipo - Front

Sculpting the body is a process that is advancing in technological possibilities thanks to products such as the I-Lipo. This laser-based hardware comes from the advanced solutions being formulated by Chromogenex. A recent winner of Venture Capital Team of the year, this organization leads the United Kingdom in innovation of laser technologies and intense pulsed […]

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Cynosure SmartLipo MPX Laser Machine For Sale

Cynosure SmartLipo MPX - Front

The Cynosure Smartliop MPX is a laser body sculpting workstation that is the global leader in laser assisted body contouring. The Nd:YAG laser is capable of emitting two wavelengths of laser radiation in 1064 nm and 1320 nm. These wavelengths can be used together or independently for a top quality liposuction clinical result.

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Iridex Diolite 532 Laser Machine For Sale

Iridex Iriderm Diolite 532 - Whole Front

Going above and beyond the high-end consumer model Iridex Diolite laser system, the Iridex Diolite 532 is a professional cosmetic laser system that is specifically designed to treat moderate to severe acne and other persistent dermatology conditions. This one-of-a-kind cosmetic skin laser system employs a proprietary formula of deep-pore vacuum suction and micro-abrasion in order […]

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Energist McCue Ultra VPL Laser Machine For Sale

McCue Energist Ultra VPL - Front Whole

The Energist McCue Ultra VPL, a leading variable pulsed light device, is perfectly suited to hair removal and multiple skin rejuvenation treatments. Competing pulsed light systems are less versatile and less effective than the McCue Energist Ultra VPL. Ultra VPL treatment delivery is fully adjustable. The operator can alter the light’s pulse quantity, duration and frequency. […]

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DermaWave Mesotherapy Laser Machine For Sale

DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy - Front

The DermaWave eliminates cellulite without the pain of traditional treatments. This system provides a different take on mesotherapy. Regular mesotherapy machines use needles that jab and leave you sore. A combination of lasers, massage, and gel melts away the fat cells that cause cellulite.

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Alderm Medsculpt Laser Machine For Sale

Alderm Medsculpt - Front Whole

Developed for aesthetic professionals, the MedSCULPT body contour device by Alderm is fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The MedSCULPT is a Computerized Body Massage and M-Sonic Ultrasound Diathermy system designed to address the problem of cellulite. The technology advances the science of computerized and noninvasive body contouring. The MedSCULPT device combines […]

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Envy Medical Silk Peel Laser Machine For Sale

Silk Peel - Side View

When Envy Medical Silk Peel hit the market with its gentler, friendlier alternative to microdermabrasion, dermatologists took notice. Envy Medical Silk Peel can promote visibly healthier skin during a single session lasting 30 minutes or less. Silk Peel is non-abrasive; in fact, some patients find the treatment as soothing as it is effective. Downtime is […]

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Bio Light Cell Modulation Laser Machine For Sale

Bio Light Cell Modulation - Side View

Photodynamic light therapy is emerging as an effective treatment for a variety of dermatological conditions, ranging from cancers to common wrinkles. The Bio Light Cell Modulation system is based upon two complementary methodologies. It draws on the principles of photodynamic light therapy, delivered via light emitting diodes, in addition to electrotherapy. When micro-current electrotherapy is […]

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Solta Medical Liposonix Laser Machine For Sale

Solta Medical Liposonix - Front

Following a decade of research and development, Solta Medical recently introduced the powerful LipoSonix technology to the United States, where it has attracted widespread professional as well as high-profile media attention. Viewers of Dr. Oz and Barbara Walters ask for Solta Medical LipoSonix treatment by name. Rigorous exercise and healthy diets unfortunately leave some patients […]

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Syneron eMatrix Laser Machine For Sale

eMatrix - Close Up

Syneron’s eMatrix system draws on aspects of the company’s industry-leading Electro-optical Synergy technology to create a powerhouse in the field of sublative skin rejuvenation. eMatrix is less harsh than laser therapy, yet has proven more effective than competing methods of fractional skin resurfacing. Rather than light, Syneron’s eMatrix relies upon fractionated bipolar radio frequency. Radio […]

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Edge Systems Corporation Hydrafacial System Laser Machine For Sale

Edge Systems Hydrafacial System - Front

Clinical studies have shown that the Hydradermabrasion system developed by Edge Systems is superior to intense pulsed light lasers for skin rejuvenation therapy. The only means to provide your patients a full Hydradermabrasion treatment is with your own HydraFacial System Tower. The HydraFacial methodology provides your patients a non-ablative option for aesthetic treatments. Subjects leave […]

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Osyris Medical Lipotherme Laser Machine For Sale

Osyris Medical LipoTherme - Front

Laser-assisted lipolysis took a huge step forward in power and effectiveness when Osyris Medical introduced its Lipotherme laser to the international market. As we age, diet and rigorous exercise lose their ability to overcome our genetic predisposition to accumulate undesirable localized fat deposits. Lipotherme represents years of extensive clinical research and development to bring to […]

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Candela SmoothPeel Laser Machine For Sale

Candela SmoothPeel - Front

Candela’s SmoothPeel is possibly the best alternative to a chemical peel to reach the aesthetic laser market. The SmoothPeel’s ergonomic handpiece makes the device easy to control. SmoothPeel treatments are fast, require nominal recovery time and produce outstanding results. Countless practitioners attest that SmoothPeel therapy is superior to microdermabrasion.

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